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Called foods that fight with cancer

Названы продукты, которые борются с онкозаболеваниямиThey need to use regularly.

Some products are able to fight many diseases, especially cancer, so they need to use regularly.

Grain Chia enriched with protein, says Men’s Life. They are enriched with antioxidants – queratina, kaempferol and chlorogenic acid, which is a good prevention of lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Prevents the formation of tumors in the bladder, liver, lung and colon Brussels sprouts. All of the substances indole and isothiocyanates. This product is enriched With vitamin C and alpha-linolenic acid.

Due to the huge number of antioxidants, walnuts have been called “superrich”. This fruit is very rich in alpha-linolenic acid. It is an essential fatty acid, which reduces the likelihood of colon cancer. The polyphenols contained in walnuts, are an effective means against prostate cancer.

Artichoke plants are rich in polyphenols, which destroy colorectal cancer. This product is an effective preventive measure against the growth of cancer cells.

Blueberries, collected in the forest, very rich in antioxidants. And purple she give flavonoids. The anthocyanins contained in this fruit are powerful antioxidant. She has the highest “full antioxidant capacity”.

In the skin of red grapes contains one of the most famous anti-cancer compounds. This is resveratrol, which inhibits the cells that cause cancer.

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