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Called familiar foods that can be poisonous

Названы привычные продукты, которые могут быть ядовитыThese products can harm your health!

There is not a thrill-seeker who is willing to pay big money for poisonous snakes in restaurants or puffer fish, the use of which can easily lead to death.

But what if we tell you that every day you are subjected to such extreme, just do not know about this?..

So, 12 poisonous food, which, under certain circumstances can harm your health!


Raw cashew nuts contain a poisonous substance, such as urushiol, due to which the skin may appear terrible allergic reaction.

In the popular shopping raw nuts douse hot air to kill the toxin, but if the nuts are not whole, and wrinkled, buying them is not necessary.


In the normal fruits of the potato always contains a small dose of dangerous toxin solanine, the level of which increases greatly when the fruits begin to germinate.

Also, this poison is contained in unripe tomatoes, but as soon as the fruit starts turning pink, then they can already cook and marinate without harm to health.

If the toxin still got to you in the body can be a headache, felt weakness, diarrhea and nausea, and in severe cases seizures occur.


In farmed salmon contains 13 different poisons, including polychlorinated biphenyls. Of course, these substances there is in wild salmon, but in much smaller concentrations.

These toxins reduce the immune system, give skin rashes, affect the liver and kidneys. Therefore, nutritionists recommend not to eat the fish more often than twice a month.


Rhubarb leaves are toxic oxalic acid, which can significantly affect the health of the kidneys.

In cases of poisoning by rhubarb the person may feel nausea, burning sensation in the throat, breathing can be difficult, and the urine colored red tint.

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An important component of absinthe is the essential oil of wormwood, which contains a dangerous toxin thujone.

It can cause muscle spasms, seizures, failures in the robot of the liver.

In this case, the abuse of absinthe is more dangerous because of alcohol than because of a toxic poison.


The elder — berry is quite dangerous, because in its leaves and stems can be found in the poison cyanide. If properly prepared elderberry, you can get the strongest intoxication, which is accompanied by disorders of the stomach and malfunction of the liver.

After poisoning the person usually feels tired, sleepy, pressure falls, and breathing quickens.


If you do not have very healthy kidneys, it is to get carried away with exotic fruit you should not, starfruit so sure.

This fruit contains a neurotoxin, which is filtered only healthy 100% of the kidneys.

The toxin is very dangerous and affects the brain and nervous system, even if the dose is very small. During poisoning in humans, the case of constant bouts of hiccups, nausea, muscle cramps and weakness as.


When you eat cherries, apricots or peaches, the pits of these fruits is better not to chew, and immediately discarded. They contain dangerous hydrocyanic acid, which affects the nervous system.

In cases of poisoning man is hard to breathe, the pressure increases, the heartbeat slows down. It is true that there was such a strong intoxication, bones need to be used very much as minimum of 7-10 glasses.


As it turned out, excess consumption of nutmeg can be dangerous to your health. It contains a psychotropic substance — myristicin that causes hallucinations.

If you eat only 6 grams of walnut, frequent pulse, can be convulsions, and muscle spasm. But if you swallow a nut, it can lead to psychosis and death.

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Raw honey can also be dangerous, as in the flower nectar contains andromedotoxin, which at first excites, and then sharply depresses the Central nervous system, disrupting its proper operation. It can even lead to death.

A poisoned person can experience nausea, weakness, headache. So use raw honey in large quantities is very not recommended.


Some species of tuna in the Eastern countries eaten raw, but in any case it is not necessary to repeat their habits! The fact that tuna is one of the types of fish that accumulate in your body mercury. This substance can harm the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

In addition, mercury is an impact on the development of the child in the womb, so pregnant is strictly forbidden to abandon the use of this fish.

It is worth remembering that the heat treatment tuna will not destroy the mercury in its meat. In some countries, which ply fishing, 20 of every 1,000 children are affected by mental disorders.


Popcorn, which is sold in packs and is intended for home cooking, can also be dangerous. It often adds special flavors, which give it the taste of butter. In these substances, and contains the toxin diacetyl, which directly affects the health of the lungs.

Of course, from one pack a week, you popcorn will not poison, mostly of disease can overtake the workers of factories on manufacturing of popcorn.

However, in the United States were recorded, the only case when the ordinary consumer has messed up my lungs this product. He prepared it 2 times a day for 10 years!

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