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Called exoplanet with clouds and plants

Названа экзопланета с облаками и растениямиThe surface of Proxima b can be covered by ocean.

Astronomer Guillem Anglada-Escude caught in the journal Nature the list of 10 scientists who have played a prominent role in science in 2016, called exoplanets, where, in his opinion, there is ice, clouds and plants. The specialist said in an interview with Spanish public Service of scientific news and information.

“I imagine Proxima b similar to Mars, but with lots of ice, clouds, and unusual plants”, — said the scientist found about them nearest to the Solar system exoplanet. For its opening he was in Nature. Astronomer also noted that the surface of Proxima b can be covered by ocean.

Anglada-Escude stressed that a positive attitude to the idea of sending a probe to the planet to open them.

About the discovery of Proxima b became known on 24 August 2016. Around the parent star exoplanet rotates in a nearly circular orbit at a distance of 0.05 astronomical unit (7.5 million kilometers). Year on Proxima b lasts 11.2 hours. A celestial body is about 1.3 times heavier than Earth and the average temperature of its surface is close to zero degrees Celsius.

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