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Called everyday habits, approaching old age

Названы каждодневные привычки, приближающие старостьTo be forever young is the dream of every woman.

But there are some real reasons that bring on old age 10-12 years faster than I would like. To find out all the details that lead to premature aging, the researchers conducted an interesting study.

For 20 years, the researchers observed the different women of the same age. The result is a sensational discovery was made! Bad habits fight!

Several thousand people were sharply distinguished group of women who looked much older than all their contemporaries.

Their way of life differed in several ways:

they do not follow the fashion, dressed in what got;
do not use cosmetics and care products for face and body;
neglected personal hygiene;
not involved in sports, even in minimal quantities;
he loved to argue with others;
not serious about his responsibilities at work and at home;
abusing alcoholic beverages.

Smile more!

The second group of women, sharply distinguished from the others, looked much younger than his age.

The lifestyle of these beauties was just the opposite:
they love to take their families and friends;
often smiled;
respect all others, believed in God;
do not smoke;
not abused alcohol;
watched over the purity of his body and face;
used the creams for skin care and decorative cosmetics, moderately;
serious about my responsibilities at work and in the family, so enjoyed the deserved respect of colleagues and home;
followed the fashion, without fanaticism;
played sports and led an active lifestyle.

It turns out that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on beauty salons and fitness clubs. Quite regularly walking in the fresh air, access to the pool, jump hopscotch with the kids, play volleyball on the banks of the river.

Clean face, modern clothes, good smile, happy children, surrounded by your love, will give you a few extra years of life.

Want to live a long life? Get rid of bad habits and smile more often.

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