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Called effective prescription shortness of breath

 Назван эффективный рецепт при отдышкеYou will need onions and lemon.

Traditional healers offer to your attention an excellent remedy for shortness of breath, which affects many people, regardless of gender and age.

This tool is very ancient — it is at least 500 years and during that time not a single person was cured by onion cure.

You will need: 400 g of chopped onions and 250 g of lemon juice. Pour chopped onion, lemon juice and mix well. Then pour the mixture in a jar and cover it with gauze, folded in several layers. The drug must be infused throughout the day. Well, now you can begin treatment, but please, don’t forget to shake the infusion before drinking.

Take this remedy once daily before bedtime. Consume the medicine as follows: one teaspoon of the mixture stir in a glass of water and drink. After two weeks you will feel the first results of treatment — no fatigue and great sleep.

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