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Called easy ways to speed up metabolism

Названы простые способы ускорения обмена веществGood metabolism is the key to a healthy and quick weight loss.

If you want to stay slim without dieting, put aside your favorite chocolate and think about how to change their way of life and strengthen the metabolism. To speed up the metabolism, observe the three main rules.



Don’t skip Breakfast! Be sure to be careful to get enough protein. The optimum amount is 35 grams. Try natural yogurt (18 g protein per serving), toast with roasted Turkey breast (14 g) and walnuts (4 g of protein contained in the nuts 7-8 medium size).

Drink enough water — at least 2 liters per day. If the liquid is not enough, the body converts fewer calories.

To count the calories. Every ten years, the rate of metabolism in women is reduced by 2-3 %, and it means that with age, your need for calories is reduced. In the 25 years to maintain weight, women need 2,000 to 2,200 calories. 35 this number is reduced to 2000, and after 50 – up to 1800. That’s the number of calories you need to do to get better. Of course, if you want to lose weight, calorie count will have to be reduced — ideally up to 500 calories a day. Keep in mind that too much to cut calories is impossible. No matter how absurd it sounds, a strict diet can slow your metabolism by 20%. When too few calories, the body goes into “emergency” mode, trying to survive in a stressful situation and make as many reserves for the future.

Reconsider the diet. Many believe that smaller meals increased metabolism, but in fact a universal prescription for all women does not exist! For someone smaller meals (5-6 times a day, small portions) really is effective. But there are those who can not sensibly assess the portion size and with this approach eats too much. In this case, no matter how active your metabolism, you will still gain weight. For someone, on the contrary, meals is not able to breaks between meals are too large, and the hunger becomes so strong that it makes you overeat.

Try to experiment to find the optimal mode. Follow the feeling of hunger during the day, keep a food diary. Bring all food and drinks – be sure before you send it all in his mouth. This will allow you to adequately estimate the amount of absorbed calories and build a nutrition plan for the future.

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Watch the level of proteins. Remember that you need to build muscle mass. Muscle is a kind of plant body. Per day to maintain the activity of one kilogram of muscles, you need 12 calories, while a kilogram of fat requires only 4 calories. The woman needs to get with eating 1.2 g of protein for every kilogram of weight. For example, a weight of 72 kg you need 86 grams of protein daily. Boiled egg at Breakfast (6 grams), a tuna salad for lunch (16 g), 100 g low-fat cottage cheese for afternoon snack (12 g), 150 g of baked chicken breast at dinner (52 grams).

Add pepper. Spicy seasonings – chilli, garlic, turmeric (in moderation, of course) – it’s spice, metabolism. Add in food, natural seasonings, and you will not only hasten metabolism and metabolism, but also make meals more tasty.


Start your morning with a charge. Be sure to make time for a workout before Breakfast! Doing before eating, you can burn 20% more calories. Start with strength exercises (ideally 15 minutes), and then proceed to cardio exercise (20 minutes). It is this sequence that is most effective in dealing with fatty deposits and helps speed up the metabolism.

Arrange a walk in the middle of the day. Go to the nearest post office or simply take a few laps around the office Parking lot. To hurry is not necessary – a half-hour walk at an average speed of 3-4 km per hour will allow you to burn 100 calories and lift your spirits.

Include cardio workout. American compare cardio with pre-holiday sales, when one thing you buy for full price and get the second for half price. Actively working out in the gym, you burn a lot of calories. Due to this metabolism aktiviziruyutsya and calories continue to be consumed even when you rest. If five times a week you devote from 20 to 45 minutes of moderate physical activity, daily caloric intake increased by 109 kcal. That is, the effect persists even in those days when you’re not.

Alternate the pace. Want to know how to speed up metabolism with fitness? To increase the effectiveness of training, change the tempo at which you perform exercises. For one minute move as quickly as possible, the next minute, reduce the pace to relax. In this easier to do, and many admit that the practice ceases to be a desperate struggle with the calories, and turns into a kind of game.

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Move more during the day. Here’s a simple example: if you within hours to answer the phone, sitting at your Desk, you will have to consume 15 calories. But if you talk standing, then spend already 100 calories! This approach is called physicians received physical activity. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that doing the usual routine, you can burn up to 800 extra calories per day, simply rising from his chair. Some of the techniques received a physical activity familiar to all: give up the Elevator and climb the stairs, instead of sending a colleague an email, get up and go to the next room, walk one bus stop. But there are little tricks: while xerocopied documents at work, do stretching and stretch your hands. And while the house boil the kettle, run a few slopes to the side.


Try meditation. Yes, the unrest also slows down the metabolism, so if you want to be slim without dieting, learn to relieve stress. When you are constantly in a state of anxiety, the body begins to metabolize food differently, and you can gain weight even if you eat and move as usual. Regular practice of yoga and meditation will help you to decrease the levels of stress hormones and speed up metabolism.

Surround yourself with your favorite flavors. Natural essential oils (ylang-ylang, lavender, marjoram) helps to calm down. Apply a few drops of oil on a cotton pad and enjoy the fragrance and harmony.

Go to bed before 23.00. Lack of sleep can lead to several unpleasant consequences for your figure. First, you have to make up for the lack of energy with food. Secondly, you will become more irritable. And thirdly, the Americans have proven that those who are not getting enough sleep, lose weight by losing muscle mass and not fat. More tips on how to speed up metabolism.

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