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Called early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Названы ранние симптомы болезни АльцгеймераCurrently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

The situation is grim, but not hopeless. Early detection of symptoms plays a major role timely treatment allows patients to significantly improve the quality of life.

It is very important to know what to look for. The most obvious signs of Alzheimer’s disease: memory loss, difficulties with sense of time and orientation in space, scheduling difficulties, problems with the choice of words and judgments. But there are less obvious early signs. At sight of them the disease you can not let go so far.

If you notice these symptoms in a loved one, send him to the doctor.

1. Apathy

In the early stages of the disease people may withdraw from social activities: movies, dinners with friends or playing games with her grandchildren. Not necessarily that the person is afraid of getting lost far from home, or to forget something.

This is a growing sense of indifference. Indifference and light mental disorders – the progressive development of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Changes in personal hygiene or appearance

Some people with Alzheimer’s can wear the same clothes several days in a row, or suddenly stop to comb his hair.

If your elderly mother has not showered in three days, this does not mean that she forgot. It’s the apathy. Man begins to care less about how he looks, how neat his clothes. Care of family is gaining key importance.

3. Anxiety and depression

The person who notices my forgetfulness, begins to worry because of this. Anxiety gives rise to many questions: where to go, what to do when you leave. For giperurikemii hiding forgetfulness. People don’t remember what all of this has already been discussed.

There is a link between depression and developing Alzheimer’s disease. But still more research is needed.

4. Problems with vision

One simply goes for a consultation with an ophthalmologist. But you need to keep in mind that actually this may be a problem of visual processing. Back part of the brain is more susceptible to deterioration due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Can manifest problems with sense of smell or hearing. But they can also be signs of other types of dementia.

Early detection of these symptoms largely can help.

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