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Called early signs of lung cancer

Названы ранние признаки рака легкихLung cancer is the third most common cancer.

According to statistics, the disease affects mostly smokers, and in most cases men.

Over the years doctors have learned to deal with this disease. Importantly, the time to diagnose lung cancer and to take the necessary measures to avoid death. On the early development of the disease show some symptoms, seeing at least one of whom, it is urgent to seek help, writes health info with reference to

Chronic cough

This symptom, not all at once pay attention, blaming it on allergies, polluted air, mild flu, etc. But, as the doctors say, if the cough is bothering you is not the first day (two weeks), however there are not any signs of a virus or cold, and not helping cough medicine, it may be a sign of cancer. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Bloody sputum

More serious symptom is presence of blood in the sputum otraslevoi. Especially if you smoke. This symptom may indicate the development of tuberculosis, severe bronchitis or pneumonia, but often it accompanies the development of cancer of the lung.

Whistling in the lungs

The presence of wheezing and whistling in the lungs has also used to be blamed on colds, and smokers – even on your bad habit, they say, light smoky, what is there to do. But the fact can not be in the cold or precipitation of the resin, and in the development of cancer. So if rales in the lungs are not a week or more worth the extra time to play it safe and consult a doctor.

Shortness of breath

This symptom is attributed to cardiovascular diseases, and not with the breathing problems. So most with the appearance of shortness of breath spends a lot of time to examination by a cardiologist, is ignoring the need to check the lungs. And in vain, because, according to doctors, is one of the first bells of lung cancer, which narrowed respiratory channels, there is heavy breathing and a feeling of lack of oxygen.

Pain in the chest

Pain in the chest occurs in many diseases of the respiratory system – bronchitis, pneumonia, and even with the common cold after exposure. But if this symptom persists even after recovery and are concerned not only with a deep breath or coughing, but at rest, it can be a symptom of malignant neoplasms. So do not expect a sudden recovery. Contact your doctor and go for thorough examination of the lungs.

Frequent colds

SARS and colds with a cough in the cold season is not new. But if these diseases happen 4-5 times a season, despite proper treatment and the adjustment of immune function, there is reason to think about screening for lung cancer. A malignant tumor can block part of the airway, leading to infection, thus preventing exposure of drug to tumor disease. Therefore, the virus and infection is not curable and plagued by frequent relapses.

A squeaky voice

The change in the tone of voice scratchiness, hoarseness and the emergence of squeaky notes, many blamed on laryngitis. This disease really is to provoke such changes. But according to oncologists, they can also be a symptom of lung cancer. Thus, the tumor affects the nerve that controls the vocal cords, causing them inflamed that affects the tone of voice. Therefore, if the symptoms of laryngitis do not back down three weeks longer, make an appointment for a lung screening.

Sudden weight loss

To provoke a sharp and inexplicable rubbed weight can have a serious disease. Including cancer. So, from the beginning of the rapid dividing cells of a malignant tumor uses the body’s energy reserves for their own power, violating thus the process of assimilation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which leads to rapid weight loss. In this case you will have to overcome fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite and dizziness.

Syndrome drum sticks

Thickening of the phalanges of the fingers and rounding of the nail plate always indicate a lung disease, in particular, the development of malignancies. So noticing on your hands change, do not delay a visit to the oncologist.

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