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Called diet that slows the aging process

Названа диета, замедляющая процессы старенияWith age it is better to reduce diet.

Low-calorie diet is the key to rejuvenation, according to the researchers. They managed to find the “Holy Grail” – the link between metabolism and aging.

A diet low in calories is anti-aging, according to scientists from the University of California, Irvine. They found a link between the biological clock and human aging, analyzed how aging affects circadian rhythms and slowly destroys the metabolism over time. In the end, they were able to detect that a low-calorie diet is the best way to save energy regulating processes in the cells that keep the body young. The authors of the study stated that they were able to detect molecular “Holy Grail”, which clearly shows the cellular biological pathways that modulate aging.

Controlling the biological clock network is directly related to the aging process. It is based on the efficiency of cellular energy metabolism. The researchers tested the same group of mice at the age of 6 and 18 months, getting the tissue samples from the liver, the body that manages the relationships between nutrients and distribution of energy throughout the body. It turned out that older cells process this energy efficiently.

But in the second group, aging mice fed 30% less calories for 6 months, the energy processed in a more stable fashion. Simply put, researchers have shown that the restrictions in the intake of calories help the body metabolize energy more efficiently. And this gives man not only a youthful appearance but also a more healthy body. Therefore, dietary restrictions are the key to rejuvenation.

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