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Called dangerous quality nuts and grains

Названо опасное свойство орехов и зерновыхExcessive consumption of nuts leads to tooth decay.

The remains of primitive people helped scientists figure out what may cause tooth decay, reports Chronicaling with reference to

As writes the edition “the World 24”, archaeologists have studied the remains of ancient people which inhabited the planet about 15 thousand years ago. During the analysis researchers found that the ancestors of modern humans also suffer from tooth decay, despite the fact that in those days had not yet learned to produce sugar.

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Therefore, the experts have confirmed that dental caries can occur not only due to consuming excessive amounts of sugar. 15 thousand years ago people ate mainly meat, fruit and vegetables. According to scientists, the cavities of our ancestors has led, primarily plant foods.

According to the researchers, nuts, root vegetables and grains contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which, mingling with the saliva that break down to simple sugars. This creates a favorable environment for bacteria that could cause dental caries in prehistoric man.

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The archaeologists also noted that in those days people were already trying to fight tooth decay: they treated teeth with stones, and sealed with wax.

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