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Called dangerous feature of black tea

Названо опасное свойство черного чаяScientists surprised by the results of the study.

The German TV program ZDF Wiso organized a test of six varieties of the popular black tea in the laboratory. In five of the six products found traces of cancer-causing pesticides, and a few at the same time.

So, the tea Eilles Assam Spezial has been found 10 different pesticides. In addition to pesticides in five samples found illegal in the European Union anthraquinone, which is used to scare away birds and is a potential carcinogen. Without anthraquinone turned out to be only teas, Ostfriesen Teefix.

Although formal requirements for pesticide concentrations observed, the presence of toxic substances is still a concern. It is known that in the case of carcinogens, even a slight content of a substance can trigger a mutation. This mutation in only one cell becomes the cause of cancer that leads to death.

In countries growing tea there are no strict security requirements of agriculture, and the pesticides used there are almost uncontrollably. This leads to pollution of the soil in which any grown culture is a danger for consumer health.

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