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Called dangerous effects of excess weight

Названы опасные последствия лишнего веса Malnutrition and under-nutrition reduces the immune response.

Scientists finally understand why every extra kilogram increases the risk of various diseases, from heart attacks and strokes to cancer.

It turned out, to blame the immune system: he is forced to change their work, if the body increases the number of fat cells. The result is an increase in the amount of inflammation in the body.

“We believe that there is a connection between metabolism, inflammation, heart attack and stroke,” write the authors of the study from the research Institute of internal diseases University of Oslo, Norway.

“With this new knowledge, we can better understand why overeating can cause such serious diseases as heart attack, stroke, cancer and chronic intestinal inflammation”.

Malnutrition and under-nutrition reduces the immune response, and this increases the risk of infections, we become vulnerable. Overeating, on the contrary, increases immune response, and it also does not benefit, increasing the level of inflammation in the body.

The experiment on live cells confirmed this: “when cells received an excessive amount of fatty acids, they have increased levels of inflammatory markers”.

The researchers believe that their new discovery may be a key mechanism for the development of new cancer drugs.

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