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Called daily dose of coffee that will save your liver

Названа суточная доза кофе, которая спасет вашу печеньGood news for coffee drinkers – three cups of coffee a day can protect against serious liver diseases.

British scientists advise daily to drink three cups of coffee, as this is the number of refreshing drink can reduce the risk of deadly liver diseases, including liver cancer and cirrhosis. Experts believe that these benefits of coffee due to the high content in the beverage antioxidants which support liver health, reducing inflammation and preventing scarring tissues.

To come to such conclusions, the experts conducted analysis of six previous studies that examined the benefits associated with coffee consumption. According to the study, regularly drinking three cups of coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis in 70% and liver cancer by 40%.

According to doctors, liver disease is often asymptomatic, and when the disease is diagnosed, treatment does not bring any effect. The figures show that the prevalence of liver disease is increasing due to obesity, hepatitis and alcohol abuse. Coffee is available to all people drink, so its use can be a simple method of prevention of liver diseases, which often lead to death.

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