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Called common mistakes that prevent to lose weight

Названы распространенные ошибки, мешающие похудеть The list included seven errors.

Expert in weight loss and nutrition Katya Matushkina actively introduces its members with interesting and important information that will help to achieve a slim figure.

Earlier, the expert described the main causes of accumulation of belly fat, and in extreme publish in your Instagram listed the main errors of those who are trying to get tight abs and a flat stomach.

She urged not to repeat the mistakes of others and pay attention to the following 7 points – they can be a obstacle to figure dreams.

1. All kinds of diets (calorie deficit above 20%, the replacement of meals with shakes, cancel dinner and other restrictions).

All this leads to failures, slow metabolism and return the lost pounds after returning to his former way of life. Properly constructed diet with 5-6 meals and caloric deficit not more than 20%.

2. Endless cardio.

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First it will decrease muscle mass. Add cardio 2 – 3 times a week after strength training as a warm-up or extra load.

3. Active swing press.

The abdominal muscles, like everyone else, need time to recover, so daily exercise reduces the effectiveness of our training. Pay attention to abdominal muscles 2 times a week while strength training.

4. Torsion of the Hoop.

There are two options: if the Hoop is easy, it’s just useless, and if it is heavy, then the chances of getting bruises and injuries to internal organs.
Spend that time more usefully – do a workout.

5. Wearing thermal underwear and wrap belly wrap during a workout.

Fat you will not leave with then, despite all the hype, but increases the load on the heart and there is a risk of dehydration. Do wraps as health treatments and go to the bath/sauna, but not immediately after training.

6. The wearing of corsets.

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Violates the blood circulation in the stomach area and compresses the internal organs. Wear loose clothing that does not hinder your movement and allows all the core muscles work during physical activity.

7. Teas and diet pills.

Damage the health and does not help to get rid of fat, and after eating them the weight comes back and usually with a “plus”.

Balanced diet and proper drinking regime will definitely lead you to the desired getting rid of excess.

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