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Called best exercises to morning exercises

Названы лучшие упражнения для утренней гимнастикиThe best way to start my morning.

A set of exercises in the morning — a constant attribute of a healthy lifestyle, but it is not so easy as it seems. After all, you need to get up early — and so you want to prolong moments of sleep.

And full hike to the gym this morning exercise is no substitute. You will not lose 10 pounds in a month (although it’s bad), but any physical activity is better than nothing. Muscles will be toned, improves metabolism, and classes at other times of the day will be more efficient is a definite plus.

To make you comfortable to do

Do not attempt to start charging, still not waking up. After waking up wait 15 minutes, drink a glass of water. Slowly get out of bed, walk around the apartment, stretch and then start.

Around the place of training should not be any sharp corners of furniture, which can be hit, and the floor should be smooth and slip-resistant. Engage in a training running shoes or barefoot, but in any case not in Slippers. Clothing is best to choose sports.

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A set of exercises

Strength exercises in the morning, because your task — to awaken the body and not to overload the heart early in the morning. So the main concept is to stretch.

Running in place

Be sure to do warm up exercises to increase blood flow to the muscles. It can be running in place for 5 minutes.


Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. The hands fold into the lock, turn the palm outward. Raise your hands above your head and bend his whole body to the ceiling. The back and keep your head straight. Perform each exercise for 10-15 seconds 3-4 times.

Rolls from toe to heel

Stand still, feet apart, at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Inhale and stand on your toes, exhale and slowly roll over it’s necessary on the heel. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times.


Follow head rotation, then go to the wrists, elbows, shoulders, feet, ankles and knees. In every part of the body highlight for 10 repetitions in each direction.

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Alternate lifting legs

Lie down and pull your arms up. Bend one leg at the knee and pull up to his maximum, at the same time pull the opposite knee to the hand. Then change the leg and arm and repeat this exercise 15 times in each direction.


Get on all fours, keep your head parallel to the floor. On the inhale bend your head down, arching his back. Count to eight, return to starting position, relax your back muscles.


If you are well prepared, you can do push-UPS with legs extended, resting on your toes. If not — you can lean on his knees.

The inclination of the legs while sitting

Sit on the floor, pull your feet together in front of him. The purpose is to get chest to knees and hands to catch hold of the foot. In the maximum position, hold for 5-10 seconds, and then smoothly, without jerks, go back.

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