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Called bad habits that will age you 10 years

Названы вредные привычки, которые состарят вас на 10 летUnhealthy lifestyle visually adds to a woman more than 10 years of her actual age.

The study involved 585 women of different ethnicity (the UK, Spain and China).

It turned out that Smoking, lack of hydration and vitamins, the damage from tanning accelerate aging of the skin. Namely, the result does not depend on nationality and type of skin: ladies with bad habits look 10.4 years older.

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Study author Dr. Andrew Mays surprised with the results, since the external age was associated with heredity 50%. But only now experts came to the conclusion that 33% appearance determined way of life.

This means, the relationship between quality of life and youthful appearance is much stronger than previously thought. For those who want to stay young, the doctor advises you not to rely on cosmetics, but to get rid of bad habits and acquire useful.

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