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Called a substance that can protect from known heart disease

Названо вещество, спасающее от известного заболевания сердца It turned out that selenides save from ischemia.

Research in animal models showed that intravenous administration of selenide after a heart attack helps 90% to improve the protection of heart tissues from damage due to insufficient oxygen supply.

Following a severe heart attack and during reperfusion in the tissue of the heart can be damaged, which is caused by insufficient intake of oxygen. In the study, recovery processes of the heart in mice after ischemic stroke, scientists have discovered the very important role of the presence in the blood of a sufficient amount of selenium in the protection of tissues of the heart muscle.

The researchers conducted experiments on rodents, which was previously triggered by a heart attack and stop the blood supply. The study of biochemical processes in the next period of time showed that the lack of oxygen the presence of selenium in tissues allows you to keep them in good condition.

Scientists have determined that injecting animals selenides, even before the restoration of blood flow by 88% reduces the amount of damage to the heart muscle due to oxygen starvation. This effect was achieved in that case, if the injection of selenium was made directly after an ischemia, when reperfusion has not yet occurred.

Monitoring of patients-cores during intensive care revealed a clear correlation of selenium level with the amount of damage in tissues. In comparison with healthy people, patients with ischemia, a decrease in the number of selenium in the blood by 50%. Additional studies have shown that increasing levels of selenium in the body of the patient contributed to a sharp increase of the effectiveness of treatment for burns and severe infections.

The role of selenides in the protection of tissues from damage during regeneration after heart attacks is supposed to be examined.

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