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Called a simple but effective remedy for headaches

Названо простое, но эффективное средство от головной боли It will help even migraine.

Even migraine regular water consumption can reduce the severity of headaches and reduce the need for pills, researchers say.

They found that drinking about seven glasses of water a day was enough to ease the pain and improve the quality of life of patients who regularly suffer headaches.

Researchers from the University in Maastricht, Netherlands, noted in 2005 that the increase in the consumption of water improves the condition of patients with migraine.

Were examined more than 100 patients who frequently suffered from severe or mild headaches.

They recommended reducing stress, improving sleep and avoid caffeine.

However, half of patients are also suggested to drink 1.5 liters of water a day for three months.

At the end of the study, these people filled out questionnaires about their health.

The results showed that those who drink more water are less likely to suffer from the pain and its intensity was lower.

This suggests that the headache is the body’s reaction to dehydration, according to doctors, although in General the emerging relationship still needs to be explored.

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