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Called a product that can replace meat

Назван продукт, способный заменить мясоMushrooms contain large amounts of proteins.

According to the expert, from the point of view of composition, fungi are one of the most useful products in the world, only most of them our body cannot digest.

“In the absence of problems with the digestive tract and liver, and mushrooms – a great addition to any diet or to a regular daily diet. Despite the fact that they are very low in calories, mushrooms quickly cause a feeling of satiety and “fullness” of the stomach. 100 grams mushrooms only 24 calories! Fresh white mushrooms – 34, pickled in white, on average, 24-30, boletus – 23 mushrooms – 20, and fungus and is 17 calories. However, this only applies to raw, pickled, salted, etc. mushrooms after frying in oil they are “heavy” 150-200 calories! Besides, most of the nutrients exposed to high temperatures gets destroyed.The mushrooms really fill you up quickly because they contain a lot of protein — 2 times more than in eggs, and 3 times more than meat, ” said dietician and Lyubov Sokolova.

However, as the doctor noted, mushrooms are absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women, young children, people with chronic diseases of the digestive tract and disorder of liver function.

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