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Called 12 little-known but important facts about depression

Названы 12 малоизвестных, но важных фактов о депрессииPsychologists have described many interesting things about the already depressed condition called “depression”.

It would seem that everyone knows what is depression and why it occurs, but to deal with it, few succeed. Very often depression brings a person to serious consequences, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide and many other problems that appear one after another.

The most important facts about depression shared by experienced psychologists:

1. Proven and effective ways to treat depression – to walk a lot, drink plenty of delicious soup and a contrast shower.

2. The main thing – do not stop to chat with people. Isolation, and even depression, this is the worst condition that can be avoided when dealing with people. And remember, there are no perfect people and you anybody is obliged by nothing, so do not expect from others a super support in the moments when you feel bad.

3. One-stop depression – the way to a complete disappointment. Surprisingly, some people manage to enjoy the fact that they are in depression. Doctors suggest not to experiment on such an approach to serious mental disorder, but rather to pull myself together and to get out of the depressive pit.

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4. Grayness and sadness is temporary. Psychologists say that these manifestations of depression do not be afraid, because soon everything will pass and life will sparkle with bright colors.

5. Depression can affect anyone – rich and poor, beautiful and not, so can continue indefinitely. All people at least once in your life been subjected to depression and that’s fine.

6. Not to mock him – a good method, deducing from depression. Most people suffering from torment myself with thoughts about the past and the depression steadily settled in their lives. Psychologists also recommend to step back and think not that you “killed outright”, and watch a Comedy or a video designed to cause a person sincere smile.

7. It is not necessary to lean on antidepressants and other drugs that supposedly help get rid of depression. In fact, tablets are even more aggravate the situation.

8. When overcomes depression should indulge their hobby or the thing that will bring 100% pleasure. Many people do not even suspect that this method allows in the shortest possible time to get rid of a depressive mood.

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9. If the person has ceased to look after yourself, eat and sleep, his depression is too long and without assistance not to manage.

10. The most relevant age for depression is 14 to 24 years. Then the crisis of middle age and old age (retirement). Depression in these intervals is quite understandable age-related changes.

11. To 26 years, depression is long and hard treated. And all because the human brain is formed to 25 years and affect him to 26 years old very hard.

12. Depression can occur even when life is good. Only one man’s realization that the “white band” will soon change to “black” can put him into a deep depression.

Enjoy life here and now, and if depression caught up, try quickly to get rid of it!

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