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Call Valuev not ashamed of poverty angered the Russians. “May I give all my millions”

Призыв Валуева не стыдиться бедности разозлил россиян. «Пусть раздаст все свои миллионы»

Valuev his statement incurred the wrath of ordinary citizens

The Council of the state Duma Deputy Nikolai Valuev is not ashamed of poverty has not received the approval of the Russians. Earlier, former athlete, responding to the words of the pensioner, stated that he is not ashamed to be poor — “ashamed to be cheap.”

The pensioner during online communication with the MP noted that she is “ashamed to live poor in a rich country”. However, Valuev decided to convince her that nothing to be ashamed of in poverty not, and quoted the film Director and writer Vasily Shukshin. This reaction angered many Russians. “At least have the decency to say something more comforting. If he is not ashamed to be poor — let him give away all his millions to the poor”, “Fed no one is hungry”, “to be Ashamed of poverty need state,” write angry Twitter users.

Many began to point to the high incomes of Valuev. “I want to ask: “nick, tell me why you are so costly to the Russians?””, “The person of wide soul! He’s definitely not ashamed of poverty. It does not concern him”, “Explain how you can earn 10 million, while in the meetings of the state Duma?” — do not hide the indignation of the Russians.


To review the Valuev “URA.RU” at the moment, failed. The press attache of the MP promised to provide it later.

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