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California falls to the ground, scientists

Калифорния проваливается под землю, - ученыеNASA scientists said that the Northern part of California began to go underground.

American experts from the jet propulsion Laboratory say that recent data from NASA satellites show that the valley of San Joaquin in Northern California continues at a rapid pace to sink into the ground due to excessive pumping of groundwater in its territory.

Head of the Department of water resources California William Kroyl reports that recently the rate of subsidence of the valley of San Joaquin continues to grow. Such natural processes in California occur frequently, however, scientists are concerned that the current rate of lowering of the height of the soil threaten the health of millions of people and infrastructure.

Moreover, the pumping of groundwater could trigger a disaster that destroys the channels delivering water to southern California. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

An example of such a natural process is the valley of San Joaquin in Northern California. As reported by Tom Farr of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, the American, the southern area of the state dropped to 8.5 meters in relation to the rest of California.

The reason for this process was not only human activities, but the severe drought that prevails in California back in 2010. It not only reduced the water inflow to the territory of the valley of San Joaquin, but also forced its inhabitants to actively pump water for irrigation, almost devoid of rain water.

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