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By the end of the week Ukrainians are promised thunderstorms and rain

К концу недели украинцам обещают грозы и дождиForecasters shared the recent weather forecast.

Ukrainians this week will be a hot and rainy weather. According to the forecast Ukrgidromettsentra in the middle of the week the temperature in the South will climb to a record this year of 36 degrees above zero. At the same time in the West is to get cold. So, on Tuesday in the Western regions of the air will rise to 29 degrees, and the second half of the week will drop to 20-24 degrees. While the storm cyclone will gradually spread from the West to the entire territory of Ukraine. Forecasters told what weather to wait for the Ukrainians this week.

The weather forecast for a week

On Tuesday, July 25, in the West of Ukraine will pass storm rains. In this case, the temperature here will fluctuate in the range of 29-31 degrees. In Lviv in the afternoon from 27 to 29 degrees. The rest of the weather forecasters predict partly cloudy. In the center, on the East and North – 31 degrees above zero during the day. Hot weather expected in the South of the country. Here the air will be warmed up to around 32-34 degrees Celsius.

К концу недели украинцам обещают грозы и дожди

July 26 the storm cyclone will spread to the North of the country. Storm precipitation in that day is also expected in the West and in the capital. In the Western regions, the sharp cold. So, in Lviv in the afternoon the thermometer column will fluctuate in the range of 20-22 degrees above zero. In the centre, in Kiev and in the North in the afternoon air will get warm up to 29-31 degrees. Hot weather this day weather forecasters predict on the South and East of 32 to 34 degrees.

К концу недели украинцам обещают грозы и дожди

Thursday, July 27, thunderstorms will be in the West, the North and center of Ukraine. In the Eastern and southern regions – partly cloudy. In the Kherson region on this day the temperature will climb to 36 degrees, the same weather is expected in the Zaporozhye region. In Odessa – up to 30 degrees during the day, in the Nikolaev area, and also in the East of Ukraine – from 33 to 35 degrees.

In the center of the country – from 31 to 33 degrees Celsius. In Kiev, the temperature will range from 27 to 29 degrees. In the North, from 29 to 31 degrees. At the same time in the Western regions are relatively cooler weather. Here, the day temperature will rise to 24-26 degrees.

К концу недели украинцам обещают грозы и дожди

July 28, the storm cyclone will cover the whole territory of Ukraine, except the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The air temperature in the West will rise to 26 degrees in the South and East to 36, and in the center and North, and 31 degrees Celsius. In the capital the air temperature on this day will vary between 27-29 degrees.

National weather forecast

25 Jul revered the memory of the martyrs Proclus and Hilary, informs a portal “Weatherman”. In people, this day is called by Proclus, the Great Dew. Proklova dew are considered to be healing, they were collected for the treatment of eye diseases. In the old days believed that the dew on this day gives beauty, peace of mind. Our ancestors noticed if Proclus night, no dew, and in the lowlands no fog – to “bad weather”. And if the night dew does not dry out – be the rain. At this time, bloom gladioli.

July 26 marks the Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel. In the national calendar this day is the middle of summer. If July 26 at the yard dry, autumn is long, warm and dry. Our ancestors on this day watching the swallows, if they fly low, fall will be long. Since that time, some places the birds begin to gather in the first autumn of the pack.

27 Jul revered the memory of the monk Madridskogo Stephen, Wonderworker. The day marks the decline of summer, which runs until 26 August. At this time, the leaves on the trees begin to take on autumn coloration. In the old days notice, if the day is July 27 the hot, dry, the winter is frosty and snowy.

28 Jul revered memory muchenikov kirika I iulitty. In people, this day is called Chirico-macrogyria, because often in this day of pouring rain. Women in earlier times celebrated the day of “mother Greenshanks”, honoring her as their patroness. Also on this day, is revered the memory of the Holy equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir of Kiev. The people said: “Vladimir the Red Sun red sun shines”. Therefore, there will be rain or sun, it is difficult to guess.

July 29 marks the day of the PriestMartyr Athenogoras, Bishop Pudovikova. From this day holdout night, the heat is on the wane. In former times noticed, when the Heather bloomed, so July gives way to August. Also people noticed that the birds think Athenogoras (silent).

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