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By Kozlowski to Khodchenkova: all persons “Viking” to the new posters

The historical epic from Director Andrei Kravchuk, the output of which is scheduled for the new year holidays, will talk about the rise to power of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Spectators will have a picture of an unprecedented national cinema scale. It is worth while to note that nearly all the tape was filmed without the use of special effects or the pavilion shooting field scene of the “Viking train” was filmed in the Crimea – Ciganskom reservoir (Belogorsk district), in the Genoese fortress (Sudak), in the village School (Simferopol district), in Bakhchisarai and Cape Fiolent (Sevastopol), in short, where were partly real events reflected in the film.

By Kozlowski to Khodchenkova: all persons “Viking” to the new posters

The main role of the Baptizer of Rus, Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, played by Danila Kozlovsky: the producers said that the work of the actor came up with an amazing dedication. Other roles also went to the stars of Russian cinema Svetlana Khodchenkova played Irina, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor, which became one of the numerous wives of Vladimir, according to the historian, the Prince of them was at least seven, maybe more. 22-year-old Belarusian Alexandra Bortech will appear in the image Rogneda, daughter of the Polotsk Prince Rogvolod: originally the young Princess refused to Vladimir, as he was the son of a concubine, and then the commander had to take her by force. Maxim Sukhanov got the role Sveneld – at the time this Varangian voivode was one of the confidants of Prince Svyatoslav, and then began to take an active part in the internecine wars, inciting Yaropolk to start a war with his brother Oleg. And Igor Petrenko played Warezko the younger warrior and loyal friend of the Prince of Kiev Yaropolk.

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Posters of the characters “Viking”
The scene of “the Viking” takes place a Millennium years ago, in the middle Ages. The ruling family in discord. The blame for the accidental death of his brother fell on the Grand Duke. According to the law to avenge him should the younger bastard brother, but Vladimir is hiding on the shores of the Icy sea, because he did not want to avenge the death of Oleg, killed by his older brother Yaropolk in an accident on the hunt. For refusing to kill he will pay all that he had, because the world needs more swords than for war. But Vladimir forced to revenge for him comes from Russia, a senior combatant of the deceased brother. The future Baptizer of Russia returns Home.

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Trailer of the movie “Viking”

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