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By following these simple guidelines will ensure a healthy digestion

Выполнение этих простых правил обеспечат здоровое пищеварениеProper digestion is essential to good health.

Not enough to find dieting, suitable range of products for your body, you must also make a number of rules and then your body will tell you just thank you.

In addition, through diet can not only drop extra pounds but also to treat and prevent a variety of diseases, in this case, should strictly follow the rules, because they will depend on your wellbeing.

The initial stage of digestive diseases, dyspepsia can arise from a number of reasons and all of them should certainly get rid of because then in the future will require treatment of stomach ulcers, gastritis, colitis, diseases of the small intestine.

To dyspepsia can result from overeating, eating at irregular time, rapid absorption of food and nervous tension.

1. Should have starches (potatoes, beans, bread, etc.) and proteins (eggs, fish, meat).

2. Although it is believed that second courses are extremely useful, for some dieters it is desirable to avoid.
The fact that they are absorbed without chewing, and it means that the food enters the stomach without saliva, what can eventually lead to some disease of the esophageal tract.

3. Before swallowing you should be very careful to chew food – it will help to get rid of many problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Depending on the nature and rigidity of the food, you need to make from 15 to 30 chewing movements.

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