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By 2020 integrate the Roma into Ukrainian society

До 2020 года ромов интегрируют в украинское общество A special working group.

The Ministry of internal Affairs has established a working group on the integration of the Roma national minority into Ukrainian society until 2020.

This was reported on the website of the Ministry of interior.

“No one in the Ukrainian society must not feel like an outsider. It is necessary to create conditions under which everyone will be able to fully integrate into the Ukrainian society, to establish a trust relationship between the person and the state. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable in today’s democratic and legal Ukraine”, – said Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Tetyana Kovalchuk.

In her opinion, it is necessary to address the “gaps” in legislation and to develop appropriate mechanisms for cooperation to ensure that all feel safe and have equal access to social and administrative services.

“We must move from declarative intentions to practical actions,” – said Kovalchuk.

Specialist of the Council of Europe on Roma Ash Kondur, in turn, noted that the COE office in Ukraine is launching the project in respect of minorities, in particular Roma.

“Among the main points: preventive work with the population in areas of spontaneous settlement of Roma; to ensure public order and security in those areas; prevention of involvement in criminal activities of children of the Roma national minority; identifying and responding to incitement to commit illegal acts against Roma and others,” – said the interior Ministry.

We will remind, according to the national police, living in Ukraine more than 100 thousand Roma who live in more than 3 thousand camps.

On June 23 in Lviv during the attack on the Roma camp killed one man and wounded four others. The attack is the informal neo-Nazi organization “Sober and angry youth.” In April-June, there was still at least three attacks on Roma temporary settlements, for which there were right-wing radicals “C14” and “National teams”.

After that, the head of national police has ordered to take the camps under the protection. Also, according to him, in all the areas will be created investigation unit, xenophobic crimes.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov discussed with the ambassadors and diplomats of the G7 countries to investigate attacks on Roma settlements, and proposed to restrict the entry to the EU neo-Nazis.

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