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By 2020 all smartphones will get the feature iPhone X

К 2020 году все смартфоны получат функцию iPhone XFuture, spoke at the presentation of new devices from Apple, may not be so distant.

Experts believe that by 2020 all smartphones in the world will receive the scanner, face recognition of the owner, after all, the company will actively use the biometric program two-level authentication.

Held on 12 September presentation of the iPhone X have done in the circles of fans of high technology a lot of noise and caused disputes among the experts about whether the embodiment is used for Face ID technology to other companies. As is known, this technology allows you to recognize the face and unlock the smartphone. In the U.S. Senate’s Subcommittee on privacy and does believe that privacy may be violated with the advent of this technology.

The use of artificial intelligence will lead to the fact that the scanner-copy of the face of the owner will be used by the device. The algorithms used in these devices will help not only in unlocking, but also be able to recognize human emotions, as well as in determining the level of intelligence.

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