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Buy the ticket “Blue abyss” and get photo in shark jaws!

We have long had his eye on aquacoral “47 Meters Down”, also known as the “47 meters,” also known as “Fear of depth”, also known as “the Blue abyss” also… Okay, the last name, we seem to be stopped. Thank Cthulhu, and all living at a depth of creatures.

Now, the “Blue abyss” intends to continue the success of last year’s “the Shallows” and tell about the next confrontation of man and nature. As usual, nature is represented not only the deep blue sea, but also the most dangerous and its inhabitants.

Relaxing on the Sunny beaches of Mexico, Lisa and her sister Kate decide to cage diving great white sharks. But a spectacular attraction turns into a nightmare when a cell with two girls flipping out on the ocean floor. Aid to await nowhere, and oxygen remains only for an hour. The only way out of deadly traps to float upwards through the water column, which is full of the most fierce predators of the ocean.

The premiere is scheduled for June 16, 2017, and cinemas to her getting ready. In particular, some established the steep stands where anyone can take a picture in the shark’s jaws. Much, very much, the shark’s jaws! From the outside it looks cool, fans of the genre definitely not to pass by. So they do not pass.

Of overseas social networks before we flew out some snapshots from the lucky ones who got out of a cardboard shark. Maybe not out, who knows what happened after the shooting. Anyway, the creators of this creativity – great respect. I would like to Patriotic cinema supported the initiative.

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