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But let’s win the fascism

А давайте победим фашизм

In itself.

Let’s reject the accusations against entire peoples, from imposing collective responsibility of figuring out who lived where in the XI century and who should be where on this basis sent.

Let’s take a simple premise: all men are equal, all have equal rights, to lose which can only by the verdict of a fair trial for the crimes committed by them personally.

All languages, all cultures, all religions have a right to be.

Let’s get away from even undue generalizations in the style of “they are characterized by a certain (bad) quality”. Fascism began with such generalizations.

Let him to win.

It’s quite easy to defeat fascism. It does not have to ride with the flags, sing songs and cook kebabs. Even vodka should not be drunk. That is, of course, in isolation but need not be.

But for the language and thinking necessary to watch if you want to win.

Andrey Desnitsky, Bible student, Professor, RAS

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