Sunday , December 17 2017
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Foreign capital flees from Russia

Investors are pulling capital from Russia-oriented funds For the period from 1 to 6.12-oriented assets of the Russian Federation funds emptied 91.4 million dollars. that is 7.3 times more than the previous week. The outflow of money caused by withdrawal of foreign investors. The information was published on the site …

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Shoes from a 3D printer: copy or original?

A wide proliferation of home 3D printers put before the lawyers question: what to do with the intellectual property rights in the print objects by the user in the home and whether printed objects considered duplicates? Irina Tsvetkova, lawyer, founder of the service Platforma Take, for example, a construction helmet. …

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133 billion for a train that goes bad

“Innovation train “Moscow” of the Moscow metro – the best train in the world. So in April 2017 Sergei Sobyanin presented the launch of a new composition, – says the telegram channel Mash. Since then, it took more than six months – and problems “Moscow” are growing like a snowball. …

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How do the children?

On family counseling in a rehabilitation center sit two adults and a girl of fifteen. Girl hands crossed, legs crossed, looking askance, the skin around the nails bitten sores from burrs. Scary to her. Although it is something to fear, ‘ve seen worse from native parents, drug addicts, and killed …

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The court began bankruptcy of Russian “daughter” of Vertu

The Moscow arbitration court upheld a bankruptcy petition, OOO “Werth Rasha” — the “daughter” of the British manufacturer of mobile phones luxury Vertu, reports “Interfax”. The company introduced a procedure of observation. The issue of bankruptcy will be considered in court on 17 may 2018. “The bankruptcy of the Russian …

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