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Business talents somewhere evaporated

Бизнес-таланты куда-то испарились

“We had in the Sverdlovsk region, long the hapless Governor Misharin. Was his young daughter. On the young daughter of the Governor, and another businesswoman (the wife of the chief local the General, commander of the Ural military district) was recorded the company “Argus SFK” — the remnants of the Soviet plywood mill in a depressed village in the North region, existing in a state of aggregation banal sawmill”, – says the head of the election headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Facebook.

“As soon as Misharin became Governor, saw “Argus SFK” became “a priority enterprise in the region”, “Argus” avalanche of investment programmes, loans and subsidies. I write all from memory, but I think the sawmill 24-year-old Anastasia Misharina in total was allocated about 300 million roubles of budget money. And the huge forest land, about 1/6 of all industrial forest in Sverdlovsk region. Argus was the name of the exhibition, demonstrated as an example of innovative enterprises, educational model of public-private partnerships and others. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

I in 2010-11 are very much engaged — if you read my LJ, there’s a bunch of posts about “Argus SFK”, the Governor’s sawmill. With me even sued his wife Anna Surovikino (and her husband, General Surovikin, who, in August 1991 killed the last Heroes of the Soviet Union Usov, and Komar Krichevsky, through a third party gave me threats and recommendations to walk the streets with the guards); a large, in short, was the story. Local media many about it wrote, the scandal came out great, and somehow (not just because of this, of course, but the story of the sawmill, of course, contributed) Misharin has ceased to be a Governor and returned to Moscow.

Well, today in “Kommersant-Ural” unsightly note: and so, the “Argus SFK” it’s very bad, huge debts for the rent of land and forests to the regional budget (tens of millions of rubles for a few years), the forest they have taken through the court, and the company will go bankrupt.

Here is a coincidence.

Was Alexander Misharin, Governor of Sverdlovsk region, Sergey Surovikin, commander of the Urals military district and was Misharin, Anastasia and Anna Surovikino successful business-woman, all in chocolate. Went Alexander Misharin work again in the Railways, and the General Surovikin to serve the far East — and where-that has evaporated business talents, “innovative enterprise” was bankrupt”.

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