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Burning Agony screenshots

In the framework of the Gamescom 2017 the developers of Madmind introduced several fresh screenshots from the game Agony, and once again, we had a glimpse of the monstrous and at the same time perfect universe, this unconventional representative of the genre of survival horror.


In the story you play the role of the soul of a deceased person that was in Hell without any memories of the past. You will be able to control different characters, getting their ability. During the game, the protagonist realizes that the only way to get out of Hell to meet the red Goddess.

The goal is to regain lost memories and to get out of Hell. Under the control of the players will be three different characters (Ethereal Soul, Martyr and Demon), which will visit four different locations.

And locations in this game, by the way, that is necessary. Hell in all its glory. And the character design is even cooler. The grotesque and finesse, beauty and horror — all entwined!

Earlier this month it was reported that the game is delayed and will be released in 2018. Representatives of the Studio said:

The offset issue was a difficult decision, but we decided to do this because we know that this will have a positive impact on the project.

The reason for changes in the dates called that Agony must be published simultaneously in the digital version and physical media. So, all of the contents of the game by this time should be fully prepared. The developers have assured that the extra time will allow them to “Polish and expand” their child.

In the end, the exact date was not named, but the official website asserts that Agony will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year.

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