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Burger King announces “a Night of scary clown” on Halloween (VIDEO)

It is difficult to deny that clowns are now in the trend. The film Andres, Moschetti “It” have done a good job in this direction. Here is the name of the network of fast food restaurants , Burger King is often mentioned in the context of the creepy guys. The Russian division of the company complain to the Federal Antimonopoly service in the cinematic Pennywise in Germany turned by clever advertising before the screening of “It”. But that’s not all.

Recently Burger King in honor of the upcoming Halloween has announced a promotion called “a Night of scary clown” (#ScaryClownNight). 31 October, from 7 PM to closing, first five hundred people who came to the restaurant dressed as a clown killer, get a free whopper – Burger, which is the “face” of the institution and preparing already since 1957. If you’re in the US, before dressing up in Pennywise or his brother, examine the list of restaurants participating in the promotion. Alas, the burgers are handed out for free everywhere.

We have a cool video advertising the Night of scary clown. It turned out a little funny and a horror film, another off to the creatives of the company. It would be interesting to see how many people will come to those restaurants, and as the clown killer, numbered 500 and 501 will fight for one last whopper… Oh this Halloween!

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