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Bulk inspected the Sochi hospital that’s crawling with cockroaches and extort den

The opposition leader and the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny has published a video about the inspection trip members of the independent trade Union “Alliance of doctors” in the hospital N 5 in Dagomys (Sochi). At the time, before the Olympics in 2014, the Big Sochi and the entire Krasnodar region as a whole received huge sums of money from the budget to development of the health care system. However, in the wards inspected the hospital and now there is poverty and unsanitary conditions.

In the published video there is footage of a dying elderly man from the palliative care unit (hospice). He says that his wife pays for his accommodation. Thus the management of medical institutions argues that the patient is free (as required by law). Relatives of other patients also pay for treatment, the inspectors found.


The video also depicted a “pack of roaches” who run around in the chambers of the dying.

Alexey Navalny said that the doctors at the hospital get 26 thousand rubles per month, although the may decrees of Vladimir Putin formally guarantee the Kuban physicians a salary of 70 thousand rubles per month.

“That, my friends, Ryazan oblast, Tambov and the don’t barrow. We are all accustomed to the fact that the authorities wanted to spit on the Russian province. This is one of the most popular Hosta. 10 km from Putin’s residence, where he spends almost most of his working time,” – says Bulk.

When al “doctors” came to check, the acting chief doctor Gennady Kormilitsyn locked the elderly patients in the wards and kept them even in the toilet, fearing that they will be in the picture. Into place check also police arrived, which prevented Union members. However, the doctors at the hospital removed themselves the situation in the wards and patients, and then handed the video to the Union.

In connection with these scandalous shots Alexei Navalny recalled that the FCO back in 2014 prepared a report on “Sochi. Encyclopedia of spending”, which refers to the allocation region of 1.5 trillion rubles, of which only 4% gave private investors, and the rest is taxpayers ‘ money. However, only 19% of the allocated money went to the sports facilities, but infrastructure projects (which include healthcare) were spent 46% (690 billion).

“Please rate the scale of the disaster, which turned out to be our health in 20 years of Putin”, – summed Alexei Navalny, commenting on the video with shots from the hospital.



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