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Build the home of your dreams: CAT toy for young builders

Построй дом своей мечты: игрушечная техника CAT для юных строителейPlaying with construction machines, like almost all boys. This is not surprising, because children’s models so similar to the real thing! CAT toys from the company Toy State are particularly realistic, because they are the same design technology of the famous company Caterpillar.

Construction machinery CAT delight not only children but also adults. Striking not only for their Hyper realistic appearance, but also functionality — CAT toys work almost like the real machine construction.

Excavator with light and sound (51 cm)

This model is almost perfect copy of crawler excavator. This car will be happy for every little Builder. Appliances equipped with a motor, moves on tracks, simulating during operation, the vibration of a real car. The buttons on the roof of the cab adjust the speed, brightness and realistic sound effects. The creators have provided all the kit includes even the stones, which the excavator puts on the truck. The bucket is controlled by a special lever, which gives the toy an even greater affinity with this technology.

A crane with a mini-truck (23 and 58 cm)

This set is a perfect gift for young construction professionals, because it contains two functional machines. Sound effects create the feeling that a crane and a forklift is a real working equipment. The crane boom extends to 30 cm and is operated manually. Also the loader, trailer truck boxes that will be easy to lift with the lifting model. In General, this kit offers a huge number of variations for the game.

Dump truck Cat (46 cm)

Dump truck — required attribute on the site. An exact copy of the world’s largest model of Caterpillar, presented on equipped with reliable inertial mechanism that provides ease of management. The design of the device characterized by strength, durability and does not require the use of batteries.

CAT excavator with light and sound (33cm)

This will help the excavator at any construction site — with the construction of the castle of kinetic sand or multi-storey houses from the designer. The blade is able to accommodate a lot of details. On the side panel under the cab buttons to activate light and sound effects — the noise of the motor and even the commands of the foreman. Excavator complements the work of other machines such as dump truck.

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