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Bugatti Chiron could become the electric car

Bugatti Chiron может стать электромобилем The company is thinking about “budget” alternative to the electrified models.

Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann recently stated that the French brand is considering adding a second and more affordable model in its lineup, which currently consists only of Chiron.

According to Winckelmann, the company does not mind working with the electrified power plant, and reduce the cost of one model for a more “mass” of sales. But let’s not wear rose-colored glasses, because the price of the Bugatti still falls below many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bugatti boss refused to comment further, but acknowledged that the automaker already began to analyze the perspective new models, not related to Chiron.

As for the prospects of a new electrified Bugatti, according to General opinion, now there is no technology that would have helped to obtain a sufficient steady performance from the electric battery for a two-ton hypercar.

Simply put, the range of mileage on the existing lithium-ion batteries of the car will too small, and also due to the weight fail to achieve sufficient dynamics. So we are talking more about a hybrid model and not in the next few years.

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