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“Budivelnik” in the tenth time became the champion of Ukraine on basketball

«Будивельник» в десятый раз стал чемпионом Украины по баскетболуCapital “Budivelnik” for the first time in 2014 regained its status as the strongest basketball club of Ukraine.

In the third match of the final series of “Budivelnik” on departure has beaten “the Chemist” and was one win away from the championship. The team of Vladimir Koval decided not to return to the series in Kiev, closing the question of the championship in South.

“Chemist” is traditionally for the finale failed starting the half, the hosts went into halftime behind 16 points. A distant shot of Otverchenko and fields allowed “Budivelnik” to create a small gap, and in the second quarter to increase the benefits of actively engaged Stephens and blackbirds.

During the third quarter the backlog of “Chemist” is rapidly exceeded 20 points. In the final 10 minutes the hosts tried to get back in the game, but the players “Budivelnik” did not pre-hang on gold medals and kept the concentration until the last attack of the match.

Recall that in the regular season “Budivelnik” won first place, scoring 25 wins and two defeats. In the playoffs capital “Builders” consistently held “Flint” (2:0), “Cherkassk Mavpy” (3:0) and Khimik (3:1).

Khimik — Budivelnyk 81:89 (9:17, 18:26, 21:27, 33:19), the account in a series 1:3

Chemist: Smith (23), Antipov (11), Konev (10 + 4 rebounds).
Builder: Stephens (21 + 5 rebounds), Dugat (19 + 5 rebounds), Otverchenko (12).

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