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Brylska mercilessly humiliated after tumor removal

Брыльскую безжалостно унизили после удаления опухолиThe next episode is “live” on the channel “Russia-1” turned a terrible scandal. The actors of the cult film “Irony of Fate or With light steam!” began to sort things out in the Studio.

It all started with a statement by Victoria Talyzina — the actress, who played in the legendary tape one of the girlfriends of the main character and a voiced main character Nadia. She stated that Barbara Brylska, who played the role of a teacher of Russian language unfairly reaping the laurels of others. Allegedly, the actress did not deserve fame and fortune.

Brylska, in turn, tried to justify. She said she drove from Poland things to their colleagues, because in Russia there was a shortage. Besides, Barbara said that Talyzina constantly defaming her good name and just builds on the Polish actress libel.

“Because Talyzina, jealous and angry, few people know that Ryazanov wanted to shoot the teacher of the Polish language, and my accent would be heard. But someone upstairs, the Polish hater (laughs), opposed this and I remained a teacher of the Russian language”, — commented on the accusations of Valentina Talyzina Barbara.
In addition, the famous actress admitted that this year has been extremely difficult for her doctors spent her severe operation. The doctors had frightened Barbara — they are found on the face of the actress tumor, which was mistaken for malignancy. Fortunately, after removal of the tumor revealed that she is not related to cancer.

Not behind the performers of female roles and men. So, suseda film Andrei Myagkov, who performed the role of Eugene Lukashina, admitted that he is not communicating with my partners on the film that gave him fame and popularity. The only one softly spoke with a warm, was Eldar Ryazanov.

“After painting I gave the brooms approached, put their finger on. Now it was all over, age has done its job. Actually, I wasn’t sure that the film will generally be someone interesting. At the site, Eldar was warm, very homey atmosphere. He was able to do it like no other. Don’t remember how the shooting took place. I’d come and have fun,” said the actor.

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