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Bryan fuller teases fans with 4th season of “Hannibal”

It is difficult to find comparisons to the TV series “Hannibal”. Starting in 2013 as a free adaptation of the novels of Thomas Harris, he developed the theme of the complex relationship and even interdependence between Dr. Lecter and will Graham. And if the show started as a sort of anthology of aestheticism homicidal maniacs, it is the second season changed the shape into something beautiful, psychedelic, but not too clear and therefore less popular. In the second half of the third season of the series again, did a somersault, returning to the dry reality of the original, but it was already known closed. Needless to say that the ending was a luxury?

Return whether “Hannibal”? Project showrunner Bryan fuller spoke about it almost immediately after the announcement of its cancellation on NBC, and continues from time to time to discuss this topic. The last time I remember, it was about the miniseries “the Silence of the lambs”, but still no specific information about which channel will take the show this time, and when it actually will start.

Recently, in the framework of the podcast Mick Garris titled Post Mortem fuller said the following:

I talk with Martha De Laurentiis, Mads and Hugh. We are all excited to get back to the story. There are some obstacles that must be overcome… But I have a great idea for the fourth season. This is a new interesting Chapter about the relationship between will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, which would have fascinated many, if we opened it. I shared this with a gentlemen, and they are both very interested in this.

So, Executive producer Martha De Laurentiis endorses the continuation of the leading actors Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are ready to return to their roles… But damn, we’ve heard that before!

It’s great that fuller does not forget about his idea, and continues to look for ways of its realization. He is really talented and successful showrunner, so I think that sooner or later must develop in the right way so we can see the new “silence of the lambs”, eh? Now fuller is teleadapter one of the most famous novels of Neil Gaiman, and after the first two episodes of the Starz channel has ordered a second season of “American gods”. Maybe a sequel to “Hannibal” shelter on the wave of success?

Anyway — believe, hope, expect.

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