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Brutal murder near Kiev: new details

Зверское убийство под Киевом: новые подробностиDeath could be a revenge for his activities as the head of the village.

In the village of Hrebinky, Kyiv oblast, five unknown persons in masks and camouflage killed a former village head, a local farmer Igor Maiko and crippled his wife.

The tragic events occurred in the house on the street Fruitful, where he lived Igor Maiko. There late in the evening rushed five in masks and camouflage uniforms, tied up the owner with his wife, beat them with metal rods, and then grabbed a hunting rifle and disappeared. The police believe that the attackers beat a confession where the money and jewelry. “The motive we’re still looking into. But we know for sure: he was tortured”, – said the speaker of the regional police Nikolai Zhukovich.

Maiko died on the spot. His wife is now in intensive care in Bila Tserkva. Police opened criminal proceedings for murder from mercenary promptings. The attackers wanted. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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