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Brushes, rings and any earrings to buy in the new year

Кисточки, кольца и не только: какие серьги купить в новом году

Minimalism in jewelry that goes back centuries, and it’s for the best, because it is replaced by the glamorous, brilliance and subtle beauty.

In the coming year, suggest to prefer the earrings that accentuate your elegance and femininity. Very carefully look at the extended models, which will emphasize slim neck. However, be careful with other jewelry and follow the rule: “One massive accessory for the image”.

We got nostalgic and couldn’t help fall in love with earrings with tassels from our youth, only this year we will give preference not only to the models made of fabric, but with a metal brush or even with a chainmail mesh.

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Hoops back on top of Olympus fashion, so without them can not do no fashionista. However, do not rush to buy the model 5 cm in diameter, because they are hardly an everyday option, but instead look to open and twisted variants of medium size.

Neat clove — an immortal classic — the perfect alternative to every day, because they’re perfect for trekking to work, school and even on a date. By the way, if you do not know, than to please their close friends, for example, on March 8, cloves — a win-win.

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Velvet will be your loyal friend for a few more seasons, so investing in special accessories from this noble texture is quite justified. Only if you need another bagetnogo of choker we are slightly in doubt, earrings with a velvet ribbon for sure will catch your soul and will become the Central item of fashion outfit.

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