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Bruce Willis kills in a brutal Grindhouse-the trailer for “Thirst of death”

In a Network there was a swag trailer for “death wish” (Death Wish) in Grindhouse style. Indeed, such is the retro-variantik – most of the remake of the eponymous painting from the 70s. So prepare yourself, be tough, with the familiar off-screen voice and brains smeared on the floor. Red Band and all.

Responsible for the film horror Maestro Eli (Eli) Mouth, man in the subject filmed, among other things, a fake trailer for “Grindhouse” Tarantino/Rodriguez.

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Starring the invincible Bruce Willis, who will next reincarnation:

Respectable family man turns into a killing machine after his wife and daughter become victims of a street gang.

Judging by the available videos and texts on localized poster, Willis really enjoys the process of vengeance. And who are we to judge?

In the caste paintings also involved Vincent D’onofrio (“Daredevil”), Elisabeth Shue (“Invisible”, “Piranha 3D”), Dean Norris (“Breaking bad,” “Under the dome”), Jack Kesey (“Strain”), Kirby Bliss Blanton (“Green hell”) and others.

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Before the world premiere of “death” remains less month, but to Russia the film gets only 5 April 2018.

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