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Bruce Dern, will replace Burt Reynolds in the new film by Tarantino

6 Sep 83-m to year of life died a famous actor Burt Reynolds. He until recently was quite active and was preparing to play in the new film by Quentin Tarantino called “One day in Hollywood” (Once Upon a Time In Hollywood). Alas, not in time.

Recall what movie:

The main character — television actor Rick Dalton, who, after a successful Western TV series tries to break into the movie business. With him the same deals with his old friend and understudy cliff Booth. The story unfolds against the background of events related to the crimes committed by the sect of Charles Manson.

For Reynolds was procured the role of a real person – George Spina, 80-year-old owner of the ranch. He, being almost blind, earned a living that gave this place under the right filmmakers for filming westerns. And it was there a few months before the murder of Sharon Tate settled Charles Manson and followers. Rumor has it that the Span didn’t sectarians money for housing: instead, the woman helped him on the farm and spent the night in his bed.

After the death of Reynolds the role of frozen, but Tarantino found a replacement. Symbolically, the choice fell on an old friend Reynolds – Bruce Turf. He was twice nominated for “Oscar” and has over a half-century career and about a hundred roles. With Tarantino, he also worked in the Turf played by the old man Carrucan in “Django unchained” and the former General Sanford Smithers in “Disgusting eight”.

At the moment the Turf engaged in the production of the film “Remember Me” in Spain, but the creators agreed to beat the schedule so that the actor was able to star in Tarantino. Let’s hope the grim Reaper will no longer interfere in the plans of the filmmakers.

“Once in Hollywood” will be released on July 26, 2019.

Tarantino and Turf

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