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Browse inverter split system ROYAL Clima Sparta

Summer time is not only a time for vacations and beaches, but also a reason to think about installing air conditioning. After analysis of the offers on the market, I chose an inverter split system ROYAL Clima Sparta EU DC Inverter. This is a premium air-conditioned with Wi-Fi module at a very attractive price 32 000. The power of my system of 3.05 kW, which is enough to cool a room of approximately 30 sq. m. For those interested in the sale is a more powerful version which will cope with the cooling of 40 sq. m.

The package consists of external and internal units, remote control and instructions. Not included power cable and plug, so that their purchase will have to take care separately. To connect electricity it is possible to both internal and external blocks. Since more than half of all problems are related to improper installation of the air conditioner, I advise you not to save, but to seek the services of a proven installation companies.

The external unit is a steel box with dimensions 720x260x540 mm and a weight of 26 kg. to prevent corrosion, all components are covered with special paint. Air is passed through the bars on the body. The exits of the highway are covered with a casing of plastic. Inside is a radiator plate which was treated with the Blue Fin, which protects the elements from the various “moods” of nature. The fan has three blades of unusual shape, which makes the cooling more efficient.

The control Board is hidden in a separate pocket. Side is Japanese compressor Toshiba GMCC, the wrapped sound-absorbing material, which succeeded to reduce the noise of the outdoor unit at maximum speed to 48 dB(A). As the refrigerant used the most up-to-date freon R32, which until recently was used only in top models of Japanese brands. As part of this freon is no dangerous for the environment chlorine, and the performance on it is increased by 5-8%, compared to the most common refrigerant is R410A.The engine block is heated, which allows the air conditioner to run at an external temperature up to -20 C.

The indoor unit weighs 7.5 kg and has dimensions 792x292x201 mm. Its housing is made of opaque plastic, and fastening of steel. Most of it is the evaporator lamellas being also covered with Blue Fin. Air is passed through three different filters: grid used for trapping dust particles, carbon tape, cleaning the space from the smell, and filter with silver ions that prevents the spread of spores and germs.

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The Central panel of the air conditioner rises, opening the access to the filtering elements, which are preferably monthly rinse. On the right is the screen that displays the temperature. The smooth lines and curves make the design pleasing to the eye.

The air is distributed through a system of mutually perpendicular blinds. 3D Auto Air evenly distributes air throughout the room. Behind the radiator is a 4-speed fan, with automatic regulation of the intensity of the rotation. The system provides protection from power surges.

Supports five operation modes: cooling, heating, ventilation (no temperature change), dehumidification and automatic. Temperature is adjustable from 16 gr. up to 32 gr. Drainage, in fact, is the same cooling, just for the minimum temperature and low fan speed. In this mode, the moisture is most effectively condenseries from the air, preventing the formation of moldy fungi. In automatic mode, the device supports a comfortable indoor condition, independently determining when you need to work on heating and when cooling. The air temperature around the air conditioner and near the user can differ dramatically, so ROYAL Clima Sparta has two sensors, one of which is built into the remote control and the system is able to focus on any of them (function iFeel).

The most important feature of conditioning is that Sparta – all-inverter system is superior to traditional on a number of indicators:
the power consumption corresponds to a class A++;
– system reliability is confirmed by the guarantee for a period of 5 years;
temperature is able to be maintained with an accuracy of 0.5 g.;
– as the air flow is warmer, then catch a cold, sitting under it is much more difficult;
– the volume of work in the mode “Sleep” is only 19 dB(A), and in the forced “Turbo” – 39 dB(A).

Air conditioning is controlled in three ways. Manually this is done with the use of a single key, hidden deep in the bowels of the device for activation which requires a long sharp object. She switches on the device, and switches the modes of operation.

The second method is via remote control which has two levels. Outside are the most popular buttons including a device for regulating the temperature, changing the intensity of rotation of the fan, fixing in position roller blinds, and also includes a heating operation or cooling. The remaining 19 keys located under the hood. Signatures have 12 of them, some duplicate keys, and new features added all 6: “Timer”, “iFeel”, “Switch”, “Turbo”, “Sleep” and “Display”. About the rest, the instructions say that they are not supported by this particular model. In the end, this approach results in a rather confusing control. In addition, the display and buttons do not have backlighting, which complicates the interaction with the remote at night.

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The most convenient, in my opinion, the way to control – via Wi-Fi network. This will require two things: a smartphone, where the utility is installed and AC Freedom home Wi-Fi network. The app allows you to control the conditioner from any location where there is Internet. It is extremely helpful to include the device for some time before returning to the apartment to split-system managed to create a comfortable atmosphere. Another new feature is the programming graphics of the intensity of the fan and temperature of the air flow depending on time.

Sparta cope with their responsibilities perfectly. Half an hour of work in “Turbo” mode, the system cools the room with an area of 29 sq. m on 3 gr. In the “Sleep” it is not as effective, but almost inaudibly. Like auto: split system itself will understand, it is necessary to cool the room or heat it, and the system 3D Auto Air, evenly spread the flow of air around the room. And since the temperature of these flows is not too cold, and getting sick will be much harder. Management of Wi-Fi was really useful feature, in contrast to marketing gimmicks like “cleaning plasma” or “smell of wild berries”. Maintenance of air conditioning, too, is easy: cleaning the filters is no more than a couple minutes.

ROYAL Clima Sparta EU DC Inverter high quality inverter split system that will not only create a pleasant “weather in the house”, but will keep your budget. The advantages include high quality, high efficiency, low noise, moderate power consumption, three-tier system of filtering and control support through the Internet. If you are thinking about buying inexpensive but high-quality inverter system, ROYAL Clima Sparta will be the right investment.

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