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Brother against brother: Gleb Samoilov sued Vadim (ex-“Agatha Christie”) more than 4 million rubles

The former participants of group “Agatha Christie” Gleb and Vadim Samoilov continue in front of the entire country’s judicial squabbles. shame, to be honest. But, apparently, other ways to resolve the conflict the brothers have left. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The band broke up in 2009, and the brothers fell out in earnest. Hleb, who became leader of the new group Gleb Samoyloff & The Matrixx, filed for Vadim to court, demanding to forbid him to perform the song “Agatha Christie” (the writing of which Vadim is not involved). The claim was rejected, but Gleb Samoilov appealed the decision to a higher court.

What will the verdict in this case – we have yet to learn. However, the decision ALREADY rendered in another suit Hleb to Vadim. Savelovsky court of Moscow has obliged a brother to pay the other a sum of 4 million 300 thousand rubles.

And the money – these are hell a lot of money! – this is not compensation for copyright infringement or something like that. The fact is that in 2015 (when the “Agatha Christie” has long disintegrated) Vadim Samoilov borrowed this amount from my brother (which they already were not in the best way). Among brothers, an agreement was signed according to which Vadim was required monthly until April 2016 to pay Hleb certain part of the debt, and completely in April to pay off debt. However, the terms of the agreement were not fulfilled.

Vadim Samoilov is going to release a solo album – maybe the money he took for this? Who knows. Whatever it was, and the court in this case sided with glib, sought with his brother the amount of debt in the amount of 4 million 300 thousand rubles and court costs in the sum about 30 thousand roubles.

Oh, mom. Frankly, as a longtime fan of the “Agatha Christie” – I’m disgusted and sad to read such news, and even more so to write about them. You know, I recently published a book, a collection of novels and short stories. Completes her short story titled “Shadows on water”, whose protagonists are a couple in love, fans of the group. This story is a fantasy on the theme of Apocalypse and total extinction of mankind as a result of new epidemics. The text is filled with quotes from songs, “Agatha Christie”, moreover – there is an episode when the group reunites, and the Samoilov brothers once again perform on the same stage (one of them terminally ill, but it is not floating). It is a pity that in real life, such a reunion is unlikely to ever happen.

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