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Brookings, US: population Growth in the United States provide minorities

New estimates show that almost four out of 10 Americans identificeret yourself with a race or ethnic group non-white. In the Bureau suggest that the decade from 2010 to 2020 will be the first in the history of the country in which the number of the white population will decrease.

Brookings, США: Прирост населения в США обеспечивают нацменьшинства During the first 9 years of this decade, racial and ethnic minorities provided the entire increase of the country’s population and was responsible for population growth in many States, urban areas and districts, who otherwise would have registered losses because of the reduction in the number of the white population.

And although all the U.S. and in more than half of their States, there was an absolute decline of the population under the age of 25 years, this decline was mainly attributable to losses among white youth. This decline would have been even more significant if the increase were not provided racial and ethnic minorities.

The last several censuses have shown an increase of racial and ethnic diversity among the US population. In 1980, white residents accounted for nearly 80% of the population, and black residents was 11.5%, Hispanics — 6.5%, and Asian Americans and 1.8%.

By 2000, Hispanics had a somewhat greater share than blacks: 12.6 percent, compared with 12.1%. The proportion of Asian-American population (including the indigenous population of the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Islands) grew to 3.8%, while the share of white population decreased by almost 10 percentage points, to 69.1 per cent.

Brookings, США: Прирост населения в США обеспечивают нацменьшинстваNew data shows that by 2019 the proportion of the white population has dropped by almost nine percentage points to 60.1%. The proportion of the population of Latin American and Asian-American showed the greatest growth: 18.5% and almost 6% respectively. The proportion of the black population has remained relatively constant.

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