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Brooding and beautiful soundtrack of the Thriller “THELMA”

Next week in the Russian hire starts the candidate on “Oscar” from Norway — the paranormal Thriller “Thelma”. And it looks like a beautiful, sensitive and yet intelligent movie. If previously we could make up some idea about the visual side of the film, now you can also appreciate music that will accompany the audience during this story:

Thelma enters the University and for the first time begins to live separately from their parents, devout Christians. The girl did not give in to temptations, do not drink or smoke, but some things can not resist — she’s attracted to another girl. Awakening feelings and desires suddenly unleash its frightening dark powers. When a friend of Thelma disappears, she realizes that this may be her fault…

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Soundtrack by the Norwegian composer Ola Flytomap, creates a tangible atmosphere: meditative combined with a mystery, flowing at times into something threatening. So soft thought can suddenly bring you to the attack of paranoia.

View to what it will bring the Director of “Thelma” Joachim Trier has his heroine. I think there will be casualties.

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Learn November 23, when the movie will be released in cinemas.

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