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Bronnitskaya anniversary

November 19-20, 2016 on the Moscow river was held XL OPEN individual CHAMPIONSHIP BRONNITSY IN the WINTER SHORE SPINNING. Traditionally pleased with the weather. In the first competition day was overcast and a light South wind to 5 m/s. on the second day — already the sun was shining, although the wind picked up to 7-8 m/s was Not pleased athletes the fact that the sluice of the dam is not parsed and the level of the Moscow river, was the summer. Only a high level of water I can explain the modest catches of last superiority.


Already on the first day of the future winner, Mikhail Efremov (Korolev), announced its undisputed leadership. By and large it was enough for first place points he earned on the first day of the competition. But the struggle for a place under the sun in the Junior competition began in earnest! And a scandal was made by bonnechance nine-year-old Daria Zhukova, who occupied the rightful first place in your children’s standings and second in the youth. Ivan Pavlov (Bronnitsy) had to work hard to defend its first place in the youth classification! The good news is the fact that Daria confident and, most importantly, effectively caught their fish in the first and second day of the competition!

Brilliantly acted, Peter Panin (D. Starnikovo). Your failure is the result of the first day he compensated in the second, catching the biggest Chub (1,440 kg) and scored 28 points. And it’s for one day! Note that the third place Vladislav Kuzmin (Bronnitsy) finished with 29 points! Peter just a little short of the podium.

Unfortunately, the winner of the spring competition a decade Natalya Perfilova luck at the jubilee championship did not smile, but I am confident that this is but a temporary setback!


Has not done without losses. I have repeatedly said, I repeat and I will repeat that basic safety precautions must be observed and fishing, and especially fishing competition. One of the athletes broke two spinning by their own negligence. And I had just not to rush it. And weapons would be safe and sound.


According to the results of last competitions, it is impossible to judge anything about the state of the river, nor the river filled with fish. And the reason is simple — the locks are closed. By and large, the season of winter spinning has not yet arrived. The buoys were removed only on November 19, the first day Bronnitskaya championship. Sluice dam will open in 3-4 days. Not before.

It is strange that was not caught a single fish. It happens very rarely. In the spring of 2016 was the ides — this fall was not. In General, it is difficult to say how today feels Moskva river. Anyway, I can’t say anything about it. Statistics published Bronnitsy. Anyone can read it and draw your own conclusions.


1st place 59 points Efremov, Mikhail Korolev, 57 years
2nd place 33 points Poddubny Paul Ramenskoye 45 years
3 place 29 points Kuzmin Vladimir Bronnitsy 27 years

1 place 20 points Pavlov Ivan Bronnitsy 17 years
2 place 10 points Zhukova Daria Bronnitsy 9 years
3 place 6 points Ilya Zhukov Bronnitsy 15 years

1st place 10 points Zhukova Daria Bronnitsy 9 years

1st place 10 points Zhukova Daria Bronnitsy 9 years

Pike 1,440 kg Efremov, Mikhail Korolev, 57 years
Chub 1,440 kg Panin Peter D. Starnikovo 22 years
Pike 1,070 kg Ogloblin Michael Bronnitsy, 57 years
Bream 0,430 kg Kovtun novel Bronnitsy 30 years
Perch 0,290 kg Kurchavov Catherine Bronnitsy 25 years
Bersh 0,230 kg Pavlov, Ivan Bronnitsy 17 years

All athletes, 26 of whom were children up to 14 years – 2, from 14 to 18 years – 2. 3 women.
1 day 25, with zero results – 10
2 day 18, with zero results – 8

Caught fish
1 day 15.5 kg
Bass — 26 pieces
Pike — 6 PCs.
Walleye — 5 PCs.
Chub — 2 PCs.
Börsch — 2 PCs.
Bream — 4 PCs.

Day 2 18.7 kg
Perch — 45 PCs.
Pike — 8 PCs.
Chub — 2 PCs.
Bream — 2.

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