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Broadcaster live set someone on fire. Video

Телеведущий в прямом эфире поджег человека. ВидеоGuest Comedy TV show voluntarily agreed to such an experiment.

In Kuwait there was a strange experiment live.

Anchorman Comedy show on a local television Jassem Rajab live torched invited to the transfer of the blogger.

According to the publication, Rajab introduced his guest as the man who screams the loudest in Instagram and decided to demonstrate this. This guy tied his hands behind his back and blindfolded, then lead doused him in flammable liquid and set on fire.

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It should be noted that the experiment was very dangerous, because the flame on the blogger broke out immediately, but employees television quickly put it out.

At the same time, the broadcaster said that the arson was carried out by mutual agreement, and party representation covered with a special protective layer. The act of the employee of the channel was strongly criticized by users of social networks.

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