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British tabloid DailyMail laughed at shopping bag Maria Pogrebnyak

British tabloid DailyMail laughed at the wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Mary. European media could not pass up passion Maria Pogrebnyak to expensive, but strange accessories. In October, the mother of many children, went to Paris, where he bought a bag Balenciaga. Interestingly, these models from the famous brand became the subject of controversy among fashion connoisseurs.

“Do regular shopping bags are in trend now?” — asks DailyMail. 23 Nov Mary was even more surprised his Instagram followers a shot of her posing with her friend and red bag cart. “The wife of a millionaire changed the bag Balenciaga cheaper option — shopping cart”, writes DailyMail.

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We will remind, Maria posted a photo, made in the Gum and said: “my beauty drove the #with the correct cartier handbags #seminarian #chesnochnitsy @Sumkinakolesikah” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).


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Subscribers Pogrebnyak reacted ambiguously to her post. Some believe that a bag is more appropriate in a commercial supermarket, and not in Gum, while others believe that Mary made the right choice. “I would be ashamed with such a bag walk”, “collective Farmers. These bags are ridiculous”, “For me everything is super and handbags and Mary herself))”, “we Have such grandmother go to the market”, “Auchan GUM by mistake??))))”, “Fashion pensioner”.

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